Air Duct Cleaning

A clean disposal system makes for a cleaner environment, both inside and outside your building or facility. DEC Green can supply a full range of air duct cleaning services. Here's just a sample of what we can do to make sure air quality in your building is optimal.


We cut access openings into the duct work as required to ensure a thorough cleaning, and install SMACNA approved access doors or plates where openings have been made. We then clean interior of supply and return duct work using only HEPA filtered vacuums. HEPA filtered vacuums prevent the discharge of particulated matter back into the indoor environment. All contaminants and particulates are collected within these units. DEC Green will take all necessary precautions to prevent debris from entering occupied space

Flex ductwork is carefully cleaned by swabbing interior surfaces to loosen debris. We gently clean internally lined duct work and fiberboard so that the surfaces will not be damaged. We also power wash all diffusers at a different location to be washed or power washed if debris is caked on, then reset all registers to original opening

All ductwork performed by DEC Green is sanitized with EPA approved biodegradable sanitizer to deodorize air handlers and associated ductwork. Sanitizing will remove and limit the growth of mold, bacteria and odors.

We protect our staff and your building, by using the best protective equipment, following all legal safety requirements. We observe all precautions required by OSHA 1910 including eye protection, HEPA respirators, gloves, etc. And all our work is performed by a staff of fully trained and skilled uniformed technicians, under the direction of an operations manager.