Bigbelly Education

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BigBelly Compaction System®

The BigBelly Compaction System®, is an automatic, solar powered compacting trash receptacle. The BigBelly®, which was introduced for commercial sale in April 2005, have been shown to eliminate at least 3 out of every 4 collection trips, offering the potential to dramatically reduce collection costs at parks, sidewalks and other outdoor areas where the public disposes of high volumes of trash. The BigBelly Compaction System® is also an effective litter control tool, preventing costly and unsightly bin overflow by holding at least 4 times the amount of trash of standard trash cans. Because the BigBelly® reduces litter and is a closed system, it reduces rodents and other trash related vermin. Finally, the BigBelly Compaction System® allows sites to minimize trash handling during peak patron hours, thereby improving patron experience and freeing staff for other tasks.