Customer Service

We help you make the switch to Green

Did you know that every cleaning product has a green equivalent? DEC Green makes environmentally-safe products to strip and wax floors, shampoo carpeting, polish marble, and more. Our pricing is extremely competitive; you won't be spending more to get great results.

To help you make the switch to a better product that is not harmful to the environment, to employees, or to residents, we'll consult with you and support you during the transition to green. A representative will even come to your property and show you our products really work. You can request a free product demonstration on a lobby floor, carpet, or in any other area you request. We're proud of our products and want to prove they really work.

Once you purchase from us, we offer technical assistance in person and on the phone. Why do we work so hard for our customers? Because we want you to be as dedicated as we are to Green products. Call us for a free demonstration, at: 718-607-7658