Education-Energy Conservation

Conservation methods and technologies are generally the most economical way to clean up and start saving money now. By merely replacing bulbs, boilers, blowers, HVAC systems, garbage trucks, and appliances with new, more efficient units, you can save big money. Look for the Energy Star logo on appliances the next time you are at the store. These devices are more energy efficient and will reduce your energy bill.

Take a look at the Fortune 500 Companies in the U.S. and see what they are doing to save money and prevent pollution. You will find that pollution is not only destructive, but it's also a waste of money.

Companies and countries that take the initiative today conserving our resources will be more competitive tomorrow. By relying heavily on oil, we deplete resources and pump funds to the Middle East that could be staying here at home.

Keeping the status quo will make you extinct. The technology is there, so use it.