Solar Powered Trash Compacting Receptacle

The World's First and Only Solar Powered Trash Compactor delivers distributed trash compaction to the points of collection, thereby reducing the frequency of collections required and the costs (and associated carbon dioxide and pollution emissions from truck traffic) related to solid waste removal efforts. The solar-powered, cordless design allows the units to be deployed virtually anywhere, eliminating the costly trenching/wiring required for conventional plug-in compaction technology. This self-powered capability provides clients with great flexibility to locate units where trash collection is a challenge, thus dramatically improving service levels, reducing or eliminating unsightly overflowing trash bins, and reducing collection trips.

Solar Powered Trash Compactor:
  • Saves time, fuel, and truck costs
  • Demonstrates a commitment to communities and the environment
  • Incorporates clean, solar energy into operations
  • Aligns with “green” goals, and anti-litter campaigns
  • Provides unique PR and sponsorship opportunities