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BigBelly Solar-Powered Compaction System

The Bigbelly was invented here in America and is in its 5th generation. Powered by the Sun, Bigbelly has been a game changer for municipalities, schools and business districts in all 50 States and in over 50 countries. Bigbelly efficiently compacts litter and recyclables at a 5 traditional cans to 1 Bigbelly ratio, and alerts when it needs a bag change. Imagine that! Bigbelly actually communicates with you in real time when it needs a new bag. Bigbelly reduces labor hours normally dedicated to trash collection and allows you to re-allocate valuable time within the same shift to other quality of life tasks.

Bigbelly pays for itself in less than a year and can even generate revenue with merchant advertising. Save time, money and the planet with Bigbelly.

  • Saves time, fuel, and truck costs
  • Demonstrates a commitment to communities and the environment
  • Incorporates clean, solar energy into operations
  • Aligns with 'green' goals, and anti-litter campaigns
  • Provides unique PR and sponsorship opportunities

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